XPS to JPG is a free file converter for XPS documents, it can help you to easily convert XPS documents to JPG/JPEG images. Its interface is very simple and clean, easy to use very much. If you need a tool to convert XPS documents to JPG images, this is exactly what you need.

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This software is a Freeware

Use "Add" button to select XPS documents (file extension is *.xps), then click "Convert" button to start conversion. Software can support batch conversion, the default output folder is same directory as source files, by using "Browse" button you can select a different folder.

Furthermore, the default output JPEG quality is 85%, you can change this value according your own needs, the acceptable range is from 10% to 100%, this quality value is more higher, the generated JPG images will be more bigger and more clearer.

Please note that one XPS document will contain many pages, each page will be converted into a single image, so the resulting images will be organized in page number, for example: image-1.jpg, image-2.jpg, ... or image-01.jpg, image-02.jpg, ... and so on.

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XPS stands for XML Paper Specification, it is an electronic file format developed by Microsoft Corporation, an portable document format like PDF. Microsoft Office offers XPS document storage features, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and OneNote, all these application documents can be saved as XPS documents.